Top 50 photos from the ICT’s 2012 elections

From tonight’s board elections at the Islamic Center of Tucson. (Amer Taleb)


New Islamic Center of Tucson Board Members

Bilal El-Aloosy, right, was in tears after hearing the election results. (Amer Taleb)

The elections just finished. Here are the ICT’s 7 new board members.

  1. Kamel Didan
  2. Ayman Albargash
  3. Saleem Anwar
  4. Tarek Hasan
  5. Rehmatullah Mir
  6. Sameer Sadi
  7. Maqsood Ahmad

Chatter: Maqsood Ahmad’s Comments

“The Tucson Minaret is a great forum to humiliate somebody. I would just say astagfirluah (may God forgive us), astagfirluah, astagfirluah.” – Maqsood Ahmad (pictured), nominee for the Islamic Center of Tucson’s board commenting at the ICT’s candidate introduction event that ended earlier tonight.

What do you think of Ahmad’s comments? And what’s your opinion of the Tucson Minaret?