Chatter: Transition Speed

Men wait to hear the results of the Islamic Center of Tucson’s 2012 board elections. (Amer Taleb)

The ICT’s 2012 elections ended a week ago, but there still hasn’t been a public announcement by the new board, telling the community when they officially start.

What’s the status of the transition process? And by when should the board make some kind of announcement?


Chatter: Social Media and the ICT Elections

It ended with an election, but if you’ve been keeping up with the politics of the Islamic Center of Tucson over the last few months, you know the race to remove the center’s former board has been wild and dramatic.

In the spirit of the Arab Spring and revolutions around the world, what role did social media play in the outcome of the ICT’s 2012 elections?

A man video records the Islamic Center of Tucson’s Election Committee tallying up the election results. (Amer Taleb)