Chatter: ICT Surveillance Cameras

How many surveillance cameras are in the Islamic Center of Tucson? In the large prayer area alone, 3 of them are drilled into the walls within just a few feet of each other.

Are there too many cameras in the ICT? Or are they necessary due to safety concerns?

(Photos by Amer Taleb)


Poem by 2 of the Youngest Members of Tucson’s Muslims for the Cure

Tucson’s Muslims for the Cure was the first team the Muslim community ever put into Southern Arizona’s Race for the Cure, according team organizers. They won the event’s award for largest team in the “Groups” division.  (Submitted by Tamina Muhammad)

By Khadija and Amina Didan

I went to the race
With my happy little face

It was so  much fun
The cause was worth the run

The cheerful crowd raised up the heat
Although many times I could not keep up with the beat

But this is not what I liked the most
Of course not me being the host

And guess what was the best
After the Eegee’s and the long rest

It was me living a dream
Of all that we can do when Tucson’s Muslims work as a team

Muslim Students Visit Jewish School

Nearly 40 Muslim students from the Weekend School visited Congregation Or Chadash on Sunday. The Muslim children were repaying a visit that the Jewish students took to the Islamic Center of Tucson in January. (Azzam Taleb)


Photo(s) of the Day: UA Flowers

Flowers near Old Main at the University of Arizona. (Amer Taleb)


Rehmatullah Mir, middle, reacts to hearing the election results at the Islamic Center of Tucson. With 261, he was the top vote-getter. (Amer Taleb)

By Rehmatullah Mir (From his introductory speech)
10. If you think experience does not count from involvement in the Islamic Center of Tucson for the past 33 years, do not vote for me.

9. If you think construction projects should be done without consulting the community, including your Tucson artists, do not vote for me.

8. If you think only one person from the BOT should represent your entire community at outreach or interfaith events, do not vote for me.

7. If you think experience with converts for the past several years has no meaning, do not vote for me.

6. If you think only coming to the Islamic Center to register as a member and vote in their BOT and EC elections is the only way to go, do not vote for me.

5. If you think only doctors or engineers or business people are more qualified to serve on the BOT for your diverse community, do not vote for me.

4. If you think progress and important decisions for your community will be accomplished only through BOT meetings by emails, Facebook, or tweeting, do not vote for me.

3. If you think we do not need social services such as family counseling or daw‘ah through prison programs, do not vote for me.

2. If you think the color of my skin, my origin of birth, or my mother tongue, makes me better than others to serve your community, do not vote for me.

And the number one reason why you should not vote for me is…..

1. If you believe the rumors that a ‘secret group’ is taking over the Islamic Center, do not vote for me.

Finally, the bonus reason why you should not vote for me is….

If you think it’s okay to leave the masjid while the adhan or the iqamma is being called, then find someone else and do me a favor, do not vote for me.