Chatter: ICT Surveillance Cameras

How many surveillance cameras are in the Islamic Center of Tucson? In the large prayer area alone, 3 of them are drilled into the walls within just a few feet of each other.

Are there too many cameras in the ICT? Or are they necessary due to safety concerns?

(Photos by Amer Taleb)


4 thoughts on “Chatter: ICT Surveillance Cameras

  1. 3 of those pictured were to be used for the TVs in the women’s area and expansion area as well as the projector in the expansion area I believe.

    The other 4 have not been functioning for quite awhile and were installed over 10 years ago.


  2. Are any of these cameras in the women’s area? Sometimes we find ourselves adjusting our clothing….how embarrassing to think this could be caught on camera. I’m asking because I am not aware where they are located, not pointing any fingers at anyone specifically to ‘blame’ but wanting to be educated and to share this information with the ladies of our community. JAK

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