All 15 Islamic Center of Tucson Board Member Nominee Profiles


5 thoughts on “All 15 Islamic Center of Tucson Board Member Nominee Profiles

  1. I am simply an espectator and have been following your community from a distance quite literally. With due respect, I would like to offer some advice to your community members who are soon to elect a new panel to lead your center. This is merely from the observations and as you call it chatter seen here and on your fb page. I took the liberty to see the profiles of your prospective nominees. From my point of view it would probably be in everyones benefit to elect nominees who recently have not served in either the current BOT or EC inside of your center. This hopefully will enable a fresh start and ideas from nominees who truly seek to provide a better function of your center. By reading the profiles, some gave me the impression that they were either applying for a job and stating personal accomplishments. The following nominees caught my attention because their statements came in reference to your community and the accomplishments hoping to provide. These are only five individuals chose based on my personal opinion. However, I would like to ask why have seven when you can equally elect five to do the job?
    Sidney Sharif, Sameer Sadi, Mohammed Osma, Rehmatulla Mir, Kamel Didan

    • With all due respect, Eric, there is a lot of misleading information floating around online, especially when only negative (sometimes false) information is focused on by different online media. The reason there are elections is so that the board may reflect the will of the community through elections. I personally would want my board to be qualified and see no fault in listing accomplishments to point to certain qualifications. Thank you for your opinion but since you will not be voting and the outcome of the voting really has no direct impact on you (as indicated by you saying you are following things from a “distance”) I do not believe your comment is very relevant nor helpful to voters. Thank you for your time, nonetheless.

    • Thank you Eric, you hit the nail on the head and this is from first hand experience not from some online observations.

  2. Salam Ehab,

    With all due respect –

    I’m more inclined to reading Eric’s comments as though he is a UN Election Observer for the Tucson Minaret’s community posts via the wwww akin to Former President Jimmy Carter’s work with politically under developed countries on the verge of democracy.

    FP JC has had his fair share of opinions in this work. And so it is for Eric to share his.

    To each her or his own. 🙂


    • However, I would argue that the www may not be sufficient to get a clear idea of what is happening. That’s all. Nice analogy though, Auntie Em 🙂

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