Chatter: Saving the ICT’s H2O

Illustration by Amer Taleb

A lot of water flows out of the Islamic Center of Tucson’s Wu’du areas and water fountains on a daily basis. An H2O crisis could hit Arizona within the next 20 years, and the ICT, the city’s largest Islamic center, can significantly curb or worsen the problem.

What methods does the ICT use to conserve water? What could the institution be doing better?


4 thoughts on “Chatter: Saving the ICT’s H2O

  1. We can start by restricting the flow of the faucets in the wudu rooms. Plenty of times do I recall seeing brothers making their wudu with the faucets at full flow.

  2. Old way from back home:
    – keep at small/ medium bucket by the bath tub
    – fill this
    – get into the tub or place by the sink (I do in tub)
    – make wudu
    no running water in between wudu actions 🙂 until someone finds a better way!!
    Also, my family makes wudu right before going for Friday prayer.

  3. In the masjid:
    – Use sprinklers: One person pours for another.
    – Auto Fucets: that turn off after few seconds.

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