Chatter: Spying at the ICT

A video camera is focused on the audience before a board meeting at the Islamic Center of Tucson. The community center’s office manager had to be told several times not to record the audience. (Amer Taleb)

They did it everywhere.

At universities, businesses and mosques, NYPD was spying on Muslims in the Northeastern United States. Apparently, beyond their jurisdiction and without cause. The same thing might be happening in Southern Arizona.

In fact, government informants are probably at the Islamic Center of Tucson, said Scott Lucas, interim director of the School of Middle Eastern and North African Studies at the University of Arizona, in a September interview with the Arizona Daily Star.

Are you worried about government surveillance at the ICT? What surveillance methods can the government use before they’ve gone too far?



One thought on “Chatter: Spying at the ICT

  1. im sure if they are here they are amused at the politricks and ineffeciency in even teaching our own the most simple things. new reverts seem to bear a large part of their intrest. perhaps we shouldnt make our membership lists so public?

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