MSA hosting Seerat Al-Rasul

Photo: Amro Hamed, vice president of the Muslim Students Association chapter at the University of Arizona. (Amer Taleb)

By Amer Taleb

The Islamic Center of Tucson’s annual Seerat Al-Rasul event starts tonight at 6:30 p.m., the Muslim Students Association organized the program. Amro Hamed, the MSA’s vice president, gave us the details.

Tucson Minaret: What’s the point of Seerat Al-Rasul and what does the event consist of?

Amro Hamed: The term is Arabic and it’s a reference to the life of the Prophet Muhammad. We want people to know who the Prophet was, how he lived and learn more about Islam in the process. And it’s a good way for the community to get together. We’re going to have skits, nasheed (Islamic ‘music’), Quran recitations and a lecture from Dr. Scott Lucas. Should be a lot of fun.

TM: How many people are you expecting?

AH: 300-400.

TM: I’m sure all of them are wondering, what’s on the menu?

AH: Haha. A lot of good stuff. Rice, salad and the meat is zabeeha (animal slaughtered according to Islamic guidelines).

TM: Did you kill the cow?

AH: Yea, a lot of us did. We had to get the cow…

TM: Whoa…I’m sure the details are interesting but that’s for a whole different Q&A. Is there a specific audience you’re expecting to attend Seerat Al-Rasul?

AH: Well, the majority will probably be younger kids. But the event offers a lot and hopefully there’ll be a lot of diversity in the age groups.

TM: The program starts at 6:30 p.m., what time does it end?

AH: We don’t have a deadline. People can stay as long as they’d like.

TM: Last question, what part of the event are you looking forward to the most?

AH: Seeing the smiles on everybody’s faces, having the community get together and knowing that they had a good time and hopefully they learn a lot too.


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