Chatter: Legacy of the ICT’s board

The vacant seats of the Islamic Center of Tucson’s board members right before Friday’s General Assembly meeting started. The entire board was voted out towards the end of the meeting. (Amer Taleb)

The Islamic Center of Tucson’s entire Board of Trustees were voted out at Friday’s General Assembly meeting. The board, also called the BOT, is the center’s highest administrative authority.

The removed board members were:

*name – year they joined the board

Fayez Swailem & Wali Yudeen Abdul Rahim-1999.   Maqsood Ahmad-2003.  Jawad Khawaja, Houssam Eljerdi, Bilal El-Aloosy-2009.

What’s the legacy of their administration?


One thought on “Chatter: Legacy of the ICT’s board

  1. I am pasting this comment (The one below this introduction) from one I wrote on Facebook, I was hot under the collar when I wrote this. I am concerned about not having someone on the BOT who has empathy and understanding of the common person in their community. Yes the ICT serves one of the most culturally diverse populations I have ever witnessed: When I used to attend masjids in phoenix It was not as prevalent because most of the 8 or so masjids in the area often was dominated by one ethnicity.
    Many of the people that attend the ICT are immigrants to this country: their families fled persecution when they came to this country to get a better life. they expect to be treated better in this country as well as receive better treatment from those who are in charge of their places of worship. If they wished to be dictated to, they would have stayed in their country of origin. I witnessed the fiasco of the last attempted board meeting and do feel the attempt of the BOT to communicate their projects to the community, yet I believe the Constitution of the ICT stipulates that major spending needs to be approved by the GA before commencing. It is true that the masjid needs updating and JAK to those that donated materials but people felt left out of that process and that is why you have so much distrust and Anger. We should not have to have that anger in the Place of Worship. We need someone lettered in the social sciences or liberal arts that understand the psychology of of the cultural “stew” that inhabits and worships at this mosque. I felt the person who communicated the opening statement to take a speech class or one in effective communications: A scientist such as a engineer or medical doctor is often not trained effectively in this art. I understood the language used by it may have been not understood by others who have less exposure to English. May Allah Wa Ta’ala bless all who have strived to make our masjid a better place, and may we remember that our greatest example to follow is that of a simple unlettered man who we know as the Last Prophet (WAS). Insha’Allah we can learn from him the best way to treat our fellow humans.

    “Prophet Jesus(pbuh) in the Injeel stated to the effect that a rich man can not even walk through the eye of a needle let alone get into paradise: Prophet Muhammad (WAS) lived the example of poverty of physical existence, we are to emulate him and follow his example. When you love money, how can you love God? When a board member states that only those that can pay $1000 should have voting rights to the masjid, what do you expect from those who expect other muslims to live up to the creed? We are encouraged in quran and hadith to be mericiful and pay our zakat, yet the BOT will not even allow the new membership to vote in the next election. To some, that appears to be an obvious manipulation. the election needs to be postponed till the membership applications are processed. You need proof we are Muslims, Well, we can line up and restate the Shahada. The old “membership committee” called some of the sisters and asked where they got the money and fees and asked them some intrusive questions. It seems the only way we can communicate with the BOT is on Facebook? Bar me if you want, but Allah wa Ta’la sees all. Be careful of what you do in His house. laughing at members of the Ummah is not advised. JAK for the good that you do and working for free however. You are good people but just apparently not aware of how you are perceived.”

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