Best Customer Service Ever!

By Amer Taleb

I unwrap the Snickers bar I bought from a University of Arizona vending machine, bite it and almost shatter my teeth. Within 30 seconds, I was on the phone complaining.

The manager for the vending machine company, Tomdra, was cool and even though he told me he’d send someone to change the food in the machine, I didn’t believe him. I told him how thankful I was for his time (I lied) and then hung up. Yesterday I was a pissed off customer, but today, I feel like putting a gazillion dollars into that Tomdra machine. Check out what the company left me at the front desk of my job.

Snickers AND reimbursement!!!

Customer service like that makes me want to quit journalism and work for a vending machine company. really, but I did appreciate the gesture. Mad respect to Tomdra, you guys are awesome.

So how were the Snickers, you ask? Amazing.


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