Technology In The ICT

Editor’s Note: Hasan Taleb won the Weekend School’s essay competition that asked students to write about the status of technology in the Islamic Center of Tucson. He’s also my brother. Please remember: Hasan’s essay was chosen by a Weekend School teacher, NOT me.

Illustration by Amer Taleb

By Hasan Taleb

     Over the years the Islamic Center of Tucson has had, and Insha Allah (God willing) will continue to have, technology in the classroom and all over the masjid (mosque).  From tablets to projectors, technology in the ICT has revolutionized the way we learn and think.

     Listening to Quran on an electronic device or watching a video on a projector enhances the learning experience in the classroom. Just walking into the masjid you find announcements on the LCD screen. Another form of technology the ICT uses is their website and the Weekend School page. Without technology the masjid we all know and love just wouldn’t be the same.

     Microphones are also a big part of the technology we use and from the Friday khutba (sermon) to a Weekend School administrator talking to the kids, they play a big part in helping the public hear what others have to say.

     Now, what’s my opinion on how ICT technology could be better? I think in the Weekend School classroom could use technology a little more. We all know that listening to Quran or watching a video on a projector is much better than listening to a teacher talk the whole time. But of course there has to be a verbal lesson here and there. Another good improvement would be a technology day where all lessons would be given by using technology.

     Overall, the ICT is at a good pace with its technology usage, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement. So this article comes to an end, but Insha Allah the state of technology in ICT will continuously improve.


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