Running backwards in history

By Mohamed Ali

     Tucson is considered home to Arizona’s second largest Somali Community, a group whose population around the globe supersedes the members still living in Somalia.

     Former Somalian President Mohamed Siad Barre, was defeated and fled the country 21 years ago. Most people expected another leadership overtake routine that wouldn’t last more than a month.  Some folks were very optimistic about what was taking place and they viewed it as a change towards a better future.

“Muslim brothers and sisters are murdering each other.”

     A few years later the war seemed unstoppable as the people were divided up into different clans and regions, were multiple groups claimed exclusive leadership to establish the new government. The eastern tribes moved towards the west to gain more power and control, which forced the westerners to defend themselves. The revolutionary war against one leader became a devastating civil war that continues two decades later. 

     Dynamics that increased the burning flame in Somalia were the diversity of culture and accents among different regions, the struggle with the Ethiopian government, and most recently the conflict with Al-Shabab, a militant Somali group. Muslim brothers and sisters are murdering each other.

     The Prophet (PBUH) said, “If two Muslims fight in a battle, both the dead and the killer will be in the Hellfire.” The disciples asked surprisingly, “O Prophet of Allah, the killer is a killer but why should the dead be punished?” In response the Prophet (PBUH) said, “Because he was also willing to kill his brother in Islam.

     It’s indisputably important for a Muslim to know that he cannot kill another Muslim; period. The second most common issue is Somali’s oppressing each other to show superiority and power, and there are people who are willing to keep fighting regardless of the consequences. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The collapse of the universe is easier for Allah than killing a Muslim.” Ensuring the safety of innocent blood is everyone’s responsibility.

     Somalia keeps eroding because the country’s children grow up in the battlefield with nothing except violence, disposition, and tribalism. If they ran backwards in history they would see that peace will never be reached unless the matters below are addressed.

     First, there is nothing wrong with diversity among the Somali people and we should recognize one another instead of hunting each other. Next, the young Somali generation studying outside should know their role in their homeland’s future leadership if they want to make a change and create peace. Somalia’s youth should value education hoping that one day he or she will go back make a difference. Lastly, people should remember that Muslim brotherhood is greater than tribalism, the fuel keeping the civil war alive.


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