Discussion: ICT Administration’s 2 month evaluation

Tomorrow marks the second month the Islamic Center of Tucson chose Jamil Anouti, Ali Rustempasic and Faraz Suhrwardy to serve on the ICT’s Executive Committee. Where have they succeeded and failed as an administration?


2 thoughts on “Discussion: ICT Administration’s 2 month evaluation

  1. We knew since 1/9/11 that 1/8/12 would arrive. Suffice it to say that we also knew there would be various Tucson community events to commemorate the loss of 1/8/11, including interfaith events.

    Yet the Jummah before 1/8/12 no announcements were made concerning the interfaith event at St. Augustine’s Cathedral.

    Who dropped the communications ball on announcing this event?

    Where was the PR rep?

    Why is it that we have a banner hanging out front with, “United We Stand”, (& often times an AZ & US flag too) yet there is no unity in announcing such an event? An event where we, as Muslims, as Tucsonans have the opportunity to connect with our fellow Tucsonans of various faiths/non-faiths.

    Really, hanging this banner and the flags are just plain embarrassing unless we put positive actions or deeds before such public displays. Otherwise such public displays are fake and only for appearance sake in my opinion.

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