Arabic to English : Friday sermon translations available online

By Amer Taleb

English translations of the Islamic Center of Tucson’s weekly Arabic sermons are available online.

Seven speeches, the first dating back to October, were posted yesterday in Ehab Tamimi’s new ICT Friday Sermon Translations blog. He translates the ICT’s Arabic sermons regularly and many people, including a prison chaplain, have requested copies of the speeches in English.

“I hoped that posting all the translations on one, updated blog would make it easier for everybody to access and share the translations,” Tamimi said. “I hope that more and more people benefit from the khotba (sermon) this way.”

New translations will be online two days after the sermon at the latest.

Britain Eakin, a blogger and University of Arizona graduate student studying journalism and Near Eastern Studies, said converts that are uncomfortable attending the ICT and people interested in Islam will find the virtual sermons useful.

The blog isn’t officially linked to the ICT, but Tamimi said he’d like it to be. The ICT’s sermon translation section of its website has not been updated in more than eight months.

Send Ehab Tamimi comments and suggestions about the blog to


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