Discussion: Christmas and the Islamic Center of Tucson

This week, the Islamic Center of Tucson is hosting events that coincide with Christmas and Christmas Eve for the 2nd year in a row. The topics scheduled for discussion are the birth of the Prophet Jesus and creation from a Muslim perspective. What do you think about the mosque being used for the events?


One thought on “Discussion: Christmas and the Islamic Center of Tucson

  1. I have no problem with this, it is excellent Dawah. There also is the free clinic on the 30th, JAK to the people that make this possible. We need to have more outreach to the community around us so that they know they have nothing to fear. I work in the community doing home visits and home nursing and most of my people I see fall into the low income or have no insurance at all. Some do not even have a home of their own due to inability to find employment. I am saddened by all the exorbitant spending on unnecessary luxury items for gifts this time of year when we have people in the world starving or homeless. Insha’Allah this note finds all who reading it to be in good health and circumstance. 🙂

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