Request to help four Muslims seeking political asylum

By Victoria Trull
To the Muslim Community in Tucson, asalaamu alaikum:
Four of our Muslim brothers are being detained in immigration custody. They recently entered the U.S. to request protection in the form of political asylum. 3 are from Pakistan and 1 is from Afghanistan.
The Federal Public Defender’s office reached out to us and I am reaching out to you all, the Tucson Muslim community, to find help for them in the form of the following:
1) Sponsors. The role of the sponsor would be to assure the court that the person being sponsored would have food, shelter, and basic needs provided for if needed.
2) Bond Obligor. This person would be the one to put up the money for the person’s bond. The money doesn’t have to be the obligors, but he/she must sign for it. If the person appears, the money is returned to the obligor at the end of the case.
3) Volunteer Experts. If there is a person who is an expert in issues related to Pakistan or Afghanistan (specifically regarding the reasons relating to their asylum claim) this can help greatly.
4) Interpreters. People who can help them communicate with those helping prepare the cases and/or translate documents.
5) Student volunteers. Majoring in pre-law/human rights/ NES type fields who would be interested in volunteering to help prepare the cases, while it will be unpaid, it should look good on a resume.
If you want further details please contact Victoria Trull (

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