Mom’s Dua’a by Ez-Adeen Naji

In the name of Allah the most Merciful, most Gracious

A couple of decades ago, there was a little boy playing with dirt on a day his parents were expecting guests. While his mother was preparing the dinner (walleema), he started to throw dirt on the food, right before the guests arrived.

His mother became angry and made dua’a on him! She said: “GO! May Allah make you the Imam of Makah!”

So, who was the little boy?

Well, Allah accepted her dua’a and did indeed make him the Imam of Makah. He is Sheikh  Abdur-Rahman As-Sudays.

This message is for every mother: Please be careful, don’t make bad dua’a on your children even if they’re extremely annoying and disrespectful. Choose good dua’a because a mothers’ dua’a is answered by Allah.

As-Sudays Recitation:


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