Eid Al-Fitr Picnic Announcement

Amer Taleb/Eid Announcement


4 thoughts on “Eid Al-Fitr Picnic Announcement

  1. I dont get what the big deal is about it being a potluck. Back before I was a Muslim, church potlucks were THE best and much preferred over catered food. I for one would love to try different dishes made by people in the community instead of the usual stuff they serve every meal. Furthermore, you get to see people’s personalities come out in the dish they make and I see it as a labor of love…you dont put in the time and effort to feed people you dont like.

    I for one was looking forward to being able to share food that is a part of my culture with my community members….but geez…after hearing the various complaints about it…it makes you think– why spend the time sharing it with people who are just going to complain about it. Better to spend your time feeding the homeless….at least they would appreciate it.

  2. @Victoria: Yup. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, “you dont put in the time and effort to feed people you dont like.” Thus the problem: it seems that the community just doesn’t like each other, at least based on the paucity of dishes, etc. Anyway, don’t we realize that most people come to these functions to get the free food! Hurrah!

  3. @1111– thank you. Really, all this drama around the potluck is both sad and amusing. Where I come from a religious organization having regular catered meals would be unheard of…and really, people would be upset if such a thing happened on a regular basis like it does here. In our opinion it was impersonal and did not build a sense of community. It was never about the money…it was about the community building. When someone hands you a prepared, catered plate– you take it and go to your corner….but when there is some really good fruit salad…then you have to know who made it– introduce yourself and compliment it.

    I also think the potluck thing is a blessing….can you just imagine the hassanat you get from getting ingredients, taking the time to prepare the dish, and then sharing it for the sake of bringing together the ummah? And its for eid (isnt there extra blessings in that too?). I for one will be there with my potato salad….and if I and my friends are the only ones there…we shall gladly take the hassanat while we eat the food we brought. Cha-ching!

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