Discussion of the Day, September 12th, 2011: ICT Movies

Is it a good idea to show movies in the Masjid?


4 thoughts on “Discussion of the Day, September 12th, 2011: ICT Movies

  1. Asalamu Alykum,

    First of all, we know who is making these movies. Companies that care about nothing but their own benefits. Even in the movie Malcolm X, I don’t believe they show the real Islam. To be honest, I watched this movie long time ago and I don’t really remember it very well.
    I’m against showing Hollywood’s movies in the masjid.

    NOTE: I’m not giving a fatwa saying it is HARAM

  2. I am pro-movies at the ICT. As long as they are screened and targeted towards the proper audience. I think the question is what is the agenda behind showing the movies. Is it to promote Islamic value: then show religious movies that serve that purpose. Is it to promote brotherhood: I would say show action, adventure, drama, ect…. Sisterhood: drama, adventure, romantic, ect. There are many classic movies that can serve the latter. Or I have seen movies that are really good and have a scene or two that can be edited. For malcom X, I see the reasoning behind it, yet scenes that I hope were edited when shown. The movie shows his path to a true Islam, plain and simple. Yes, they are hollywood movies, but sometimes you just have to find those that have morals to it. An example of muslims during renaissance time: monks where busy trying to preserve religious texts. Muslims were busy preserving ancient greek and roman texts considered to be of pagan ppl. Using these text to invent and learn from it. So why can’t we today use movies to teach us values or promote brother/sisterhood. To come together as an ummah and just sit and enjoy time with each other. One world of advice would be to promote to the age range for the movie being show. I would definitely not show Malcom X to an age range where I know they would not have an undertanding of the message being told within the movie. I believe Malcom X is more for an audience between the 18 and over. Thank you TM for allowing me to post my view. Shukran!

  3. I am with showing movies at the ICT as long as it is a part of long term strategy to build Muslim knowledge in meaningful ways and away of wasting time and using it for propoganda purposes and part of upcoming election.

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