Da-Shonte’s advice

DaShonte Abdul Al-Wakil #151406

ASPC Florence East Unit

PO Box 5000

Tucson, AZ 85132

I bear witness there is No god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.

As-Salaam Alaikum

During this blessed month of Ramadan we (the believers) have took special care in our Ibadah (worship), we strive for complete taqwa (God consciousness), we meditate on Quran and hadith we strive to improve khushu (humility; attentiveness) in salaat, we give more charity to receive the multiple blessings and expiation of sins as Allah sees fit. We use this time to tune-up our ‘ibadah. We tend to get lost in life’s pursuits and these obligatory acts need maintenance. This is also true with our relationships.

How often do we tell and show our wives that we love and appreciate them? How often do we show a sincere interest in what our children may be into? How often do we thank Allah for our leadership, those who take on the responsibility for the sake of Allah alone? And, how many of us do extra at our jobs (bismillah- in the name of Allah).

So often we get caught up in life we begin to neglect and take for granted those who Allah has blessed us to keep company with. Even if they seem more like a trial, there are still blessings even in that for the believers. Insh-Allah, Allah (swt) will bring your efforts to your supervisor’s attention because Alla (azwj) is ‘adl (just) and has forbidden zulum (wrongdoing) on himself. So, remember charity starts at home. Take time out  cuddle up to your wives and make sure she knows you love her and the children and you are glad Allah has blessed you with them. Educate your family on the ways of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and lead them in salaat. This is prescribed maintenance of Allah (swt). Al-Baqarah 223-224 also, on the authority of abu-dharr(ra)

Some of the companions of the messenger of Allah (saws) said to the Prophet (saws) “Oh messenger of Allah, the affluent have made off with the rewards. They pray like we pray, fast like we fast, and they also give in charity from their extra wealth.” He (saws) said “has Allah not made things for you to do in charity? Verily, every tasbeeh (subhanallah- glory to Allah) is a charitable act, every takbeerah (Allahu Akbar- Allah is Great) is a charitable act, every tameedah (al-hamdulillah- all praise be to Allah) is an act of charity, every tahleelah (la ilaha il Allah- there is no god but Allah) is an act of charity, ordering good is a charitable act, forbidding evil is a charitable act, and you having sex with your wife is a charitable act.” They (ra) said, “Oh Messenger of Allah, when one of us fulfills his desire, he will have a reward for that?” He (saws) said, “Tell me, if he were to fulfill it unlawfully would he bear the sin? Similarly, if he fulfills it lawfully he will have a reward.”

Don’t take those blessings for granted. Put in the work to maintain them. I desire a wife and to be a part of a great community like ICT. To have a real job where I can go to work and leave when work is done. But most importantly I desire these things because they’ll remind me of my obligation to Allah (swt) as Abdullah (servant of Allah). The right care and maintenance of these things according to Quran and sunnah I have another opportunity to become pleasing in the sight of Allah. In this I am storing up good for the Hereafter as well as unlocking some of the things in this world. And as always: Allah (azwj) knows best.

Remember those of us who are less fortunate and are unable to share in the things you take for granted, and you’ll realize how rich you are.


Da-Shonte Abdul Al Wakil

As-Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.


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