Discussion of the Day, August 13th 2011: The BOT meeting

In June, the BOT held an open board meeting at the ICT, possibly the 1st ever. Based on comments, both verbal and written, it seemed like many people would attend. But when the meeting actually came, almost nobody was there. What was the cause of the low turnout?


2 thoughts on “Discussion of the Day, August 13th 2011: The BOT meeting

  1. ASA,

    One possible low turn out scenario; when it was known that the open board meeting was not going to be an open board meeting for audience participation of asking questions or giving comments, members may have felt it pointless to attend as they had anticipated a meeting where they could voice their concerns.

    They may have felt it was misleading to state it was an open meeting when they were not given the opportunity to be open with their views. If that was so, the feelings of being mislead bring on other emotions of; lack of trust, disrespect, poor communication skills from the BOT towards the community members…

    Correct me if I am wrong, the meeting centered on various updates given by the board, ex; Al-Huda school &/or expansion project, etc. It may have come across to audience members more of a reading of updates rather than an open discussion on various community concerns.

    ICT History: Yes, there have been past open board meetings. Especially during the planning and building stages of our current location.


  2. maybe in future more people should attend especially the membership is going to be changed. If you care about your right to vote in masjid you need to attend from now on to see what they are cooking for you.

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