Khutbah Recap – August 12th 2011

By Amer Taleb

Note: Khutbah was given by Dr. Scott Lucas

  • Today’s Jummah was special.  There’s only a handful of Jummah prayers during Ramadan and we should take advantage of them.
  • Fasting in Ramadan is not enough. You must also excel in your behavior and go the extra mile to improve your character (Keeping promises, patience,…)
  • Look to increase the amount of beneficial knowledge you posses.
  • Even non-Muslims admire the passion past Muslims pursued knowledge with. Be proud of that and follow your ancestors’ lead.
  • An analogy was drawn from a cell phone recharging its battery life to a Muslim recharging their soul. Look to rejuvenate your religion before Ramadan is gone.
  • There was a fundraiser for Al-huda school. Thousands of dollars were raised.

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