Ramadan Announcements

Note: These are NOT all of the announcements made yesterday by the ICT, only the ones I can recall. If you notice a point missing, please feel free to share it. I’ll update it throughout the day if I remember something else. Thank you.

Ramadan Announcements

By Amer Taleb

  1. No more soda will be served for iftar, only water and juice.
  2. Security guards will be patrolling the premises.
  3. The ICT is providing baby-sitting for children. It was made very clear, do NOT allow your child to run around the prayer room making noise and disturbing everyone else praying Taraweeh.
  4. The parking lot area will be locked up for the children to play in and there will also be someone monitoring them.
  5. Each rakat of Taraweeh will last one page of Quran long to make it easier on everyone standing. 20 rakat will be prayed a night.
  6. Expect a lot of recycling bins. The ICT really wants to focus on that and reduce the amount of trash produced.


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