The best dawah is the purenss of our lifestyle

By Dashonte Abdul Al-Wakil

Editor’s Note: “Why Dawah” was an article written by Sabeel Ahmed stressing the importance of Dawah in America.

I would just like to add to the beautiful article by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, Director of who wrote the “Why Dawah” article in the Tucson Minaret’s 3rd edition. What I’ve witnessed is that the best dawah is the pureness of our lifestyle.  That which separates the believers from the disbelievers is the salat. Establish the salat at work, let your beards grow, wear kufis. People don’t know who Muslims are because we look like everybody else.

The sunnah is the prescribed way, all we must do is follow it… We who believe can not claim to have the cure when we look and act like those who are sick. The Muslim is never not in a state of worship, so live as if you see Allah (SWT) and know that He sees you.


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