Question of the Day, July 24th 2011: What’s Your Take on Ramadan at the ICT?

What’s the best part of Ramadan at the ICT? What area(s) could use improvement?


7 thoughts on “Question of the Day, July 24th 2011: What’s Your Take on Ramadan at the ICT?

  1. Best part of Ramadan at the ICT is being able to see ppl that one normally does not get to see throughout the year. One area that could improve is that of trying to use paper plates/cups to diminish the pollution that styrofoam produces in the earth. :0)

  2. I am hoping that we have the eid prayer outside this year. I know the safety concerns over last year coinciding with 9/11 on eid but iA we can go outside this year? I missed the communal breakfast, although there usually is not much left when we get up there. We need breakfast police to remind double dippers of their manners lol. The company though is great!

  3. Best part is seeing the community coming together for breaking fast. The area that needs improvement is cleanliness during the meal. I wish there was a way to eat on tables instead of eating on the floor and having people (especially children) stepping on plates and having pieces of rice on your feet and spilled drinks all over the blue tarps.

  4. Salaamun ‘Alaykum wa-Rahmatullaah; the best part was seeing the masjid full to capacity most of the days of the week/month. The part I’d pray we see an improvement in is urging and instituting ‘Itikaaf … a much needed and very beneficial Sunnah!!! Allaahu Ta’aalaa A’lam!

  5. a well-developed,creative and fun children’s program that runs during the tarawih……rotating list of volunteers to oversee the children, so that they are engaged in the activities…..something the kids and the volunteers look forward to!

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