By Amal Alfatesh

Living is not life lived to find happiness

In a big space constructed by wonders

With this time we have on Earth

We strive to achieve respect and success

Some struggle to survive in this beautiful world

Allah please bring them higher but not so cold

You are worth more than diamonds and gold

Once you thank the Almighty for the blessings you hold

In this life there is a cost, a price to be paid

For your actions and words

Unlike those pretty little birds

Those free to fly far in the sky

Not a care to comprehend how or why

This life keeps going and this world keeps turning

We have fires burning in our hearts

But don’t flip to be so cold to put it out

Sometimes we lack knowledge of how to fight the fire

If we don’t approach Allah’s light, fire will only rise higher

Lose all of the hatred and forget the pain

Show love among brothers and sisters as if it was something new

As if they have never knew,

Teach- for knowledge is a reward bestowed upon you

Need no more lost faith in the world

But until the day the earth begins to fold

Everything you own will matter no more

Allah will be the only name flesh will be begging for

Explain what life meant living for

What you accomplished, learned, changed and more

Never gave up and kept on going

Only the strong believers will be the knowing

Where they stand in their place

A wondrous place where a victorious life worthy feet will trend

And pleasing Allah never will bend

To gain, benefit, act upon the Holy Quran and Sunnah is key

Living is not life lived to find happiness

It is to fulfill the message of Allah and his messenger

Devote to this and happiness will reveal itself to you.


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