Purity is an Act of Worship in Islam

By Mohamed Ali

We obtain compensation from Allah (SW) for the things that we do on a daily basis. The rule applies to any person unless they’re acting for the pleasure of someone other than their creator. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught us that “Actions are by intentions.” Islam is a way of life that encourages and pushes you to a continuous connection with Allah as you go through your daily routine: Work, housekeeping, class or anything else.

Example: The Prophet (PBUH) spots a man sitting in his Mosque, often before/after the prayer devoting himself  to Allah. The Prophet (SW) asked the man how he could possibly manage a life with all the time he spends inside the Mosque. The man responded by telling the Prophet (PBUH) he is taken care of financially by his brother, who works very hard without forgetting to pray five times a day. In response, the Prophet (SW) enlightened the man and told him that sometimes doing something good for the dunya and for the sake of Allah (SW) is considered an act of worship, and he said “in that case; your brother is closer to God.” To stay pure and clean is an act of worship in Islam. This is a very convenient way to worship Allah since it allows you to succeed in your personal life and improves the well being of your community as well.

On to us, one of the problems we face in the ICT  is the lack of neatness and cleanness inside/outside the Mosque. Allah (SW) does not change people, unless the people have the will to change themselves. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that the neatness and the cleanliness of the Mosque is an act of worship and you obtain rewards from Allah (SW) because of it. The Prophet (PBUH) said “Even removing harmful objects from the street is considered a benevolence” and you should remember that for every charity you make, Allah (SW)  rewards you ten times, and even more.

Please, take responsibility. If you see someone disrupting the sanctity of the Mosque, ask them kindly to stop and correct it. Because we’re a small community, it takes everyone of us to make sure that the Mosque is clean. If we decide that we don’t want to or that we just don’t care enough to have a clean Mosque, then it’s for certain that the next generation won’t see the value of having a pure place to worship either. At the individual level it’s important that we’re conscious of our bodies before coming to the Friday Prayer. This is  to ensure that you are not bothering someone else with the way you look or smell. The Prophet (PBUH) encouraged us to take a bath before we head to the Mosque for Friday Prayer. Remember that some people find it bothersome to pray next to you after you’ve been smoking a cigarette before the prayer.

Remember that Allah will reward you for keeping the Mosque the way it’s supposed to be. At the very least, make sure that you’re not bothering someone else, and when you pick up things off the shelf, remember to keep the order when you’re finished. That includes organizing your shoes and backpacks to make it easier for the people as they come out after prayer. Finally, remember that each of us represents this community and that is a very heavy responsibility. May Allah gives us the strength to make the ICT a beautiful place to be and worship.


One thought on “Purity is an Act of Worship in Islam

  1. JAK for another great reminder. Really enjoyed reading the article. Very appropriate now that Ramadan is around the corner.

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