Khutbah Recap – July 8th 2011

By Amer Taleb

Note: The attendance in this picture is noticeably smaller than usual. However, prayer also started a lot sooner at around 12:35. Also, there was a guest that gave the khutbah.

– Your heart, clean or stained, determines the way you act.

– The purpose of knowledge is that so you will follow Allah and not get sent to hell.

– Knowledge vs Information: Information in this sense is worthless because it is not acted upon. Knowledge implies that you make a conscious effort to do what is right and forbid what is wrong.

– Knowledge is powerful and must be channeled correctly. Shaytan is an “Aalim”, but his arrogance and pride guarantee him a spot in hell forever.

– Knowledge can also be a very dangerous if attained and then not acted upon. In essence, it becomes downgraded to just “information.”

– You may have all the knowledge in the world, but do you have the Iman to act on it?

– If you really want to understand something and improve yourself, the first step is to be humble.


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