Play n Learn: Second in the Series

By Irfan Sheikh

Activity #2 Guidance 
Things you need            Rope, sticks, chalk or use patterns on carpets 
How you perform
  1. Draw a maze on the floor/ make one on the carpet
  2. One by one blindfold kids and ask them to go through the maze on their own
  3. Do not let anyone help them
  4. Now do it all over again
  5. This time, assign one person (rotate) to guide them through the maze


Ask questions
  1. Were you able to go through the maze without guidance?
  2. How difficult was it?


  1. Maze is a lot simpler than the world and life. If it is difficult or impossible to go through a maze without instructions/ help, it must be impossible to live without guidance
  2. Hence, Guidance is Allah’s Mercy and us seeking guidance is humble and smart
  3. If our objective is to get to the destination, then we should not worry about our unlimited liberty, but focus on ‘getting there’ with guidance

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