Executive Committee Staff & Responsibilities

The Executive Committee, as to date, is composed of:

President- Jamil Anouti
VP / Public Relations – Mohammad Abagi
Secretary / Social Coordinator – Wafa Alfatash
Prison Program – Victoria Trull
Maintenance Coordinator/Campus view rep – Tayeb Ahmad
Da’wah Coordinator – Yousaf Riaz

According to the constitution there should be 9 elected non-paid positions in the executive committee. And their overall duty is…

“The Executive Committee shall:

1. Be responsible for implementing the plans, programs, and Islamic activities that are approved by the Board.
2. Be responsible to the Board and the General Assembly.
3. Prepare quarterly or yearly plans for the ICT.
4. Hold a periodical meeting every month, and has the right to hold exceptional meetings upon the request of the president or three of its members, or upon the request of the Board.
5. Maintain a quorum in all of its meetings. Five members including the president or the vice president represent a quorum.
6. Appoint functional committees with well-defined, written functions and authority, as needed.
7. Report their yearly performance to the Board and the General Assembly and upon request from the Board.
8. Take decisions by simple majority vote. In case of equal votes, the side of the one presiding over the meeting shall prevail.
9. Have the right to invite anyone as a non-voting observer and/or consultant to its meetings.

10. Hold closed meetings, but have the right to have meetings open to Muslims.

11. Be responsible for the activities outside the Center and directed to localities of Muslims. Also to have the right to appoint an Amir to each of these localities.”

Each individual role is listed below as per the constitution.

1. The President shall:

A. Be responsible to the Board for the performance of the Executive Committee.

B. Be in charge of the operation of the ICT and shall be responsible for and supervise all day-to-day operations of the Executive Committee.

C. Call for and supervise all meetings of the Executive committee.

D. Co-sign with the Treasurer or any other duly designated officer of the Executive Committee any deeds or contracts.

E. Oversee all functional committees, formed by the Executive Committee.

F. Report all activities and affairs of the Center in writing to the Board, semi- annually, and upon request.

G. Delegate his responsibilities, in case of absence, to the vice president.

H. Lead daily prayers or appoint qualified Muslims when necessary to lead the prayers.

I. Become a voting member on the Al-Huda School Board of Education.

i) The Vice President shall:
A. Resume the President’s responsible in the event of absence of the latter.

B. Take care of the duties delegated to him by the President.

ii) The Secretary shall:
A. Prepare and post the minutes of all the Executive Committee meetings.

B. Maintain records of all official correspondence that are handled to the Executive Committee.

C. Obtain the agenda for the Executive Committee meetings from the members; and prepare and distribute it to the members two days in advance of the meeting.

D. Prepare the list of applicants for membership and submit it to the President to obtain the Board’s approval.

E. Keep the records that show the current status of membership of the ICT.

2. The Treasurer shall:
A. Be responsible for all bookkeeping and financial transactions of the ICT and submit it to the ICT accountant (CPA) on a monthly basis.

B. Prepare and submit the required financial reports and budget to the Executive Committee quarterly, or upon request, which shall be posted and presented to the General Assembly Meeting.

3. The MSA Representative shall:

A. Be responsible for Muslim Student activities.
B. Be responsible for providing translation for multilingual activities.
C. Serve as a link between the ICT and Regional Representative of MSA.
D. Propagate ISNA’s national activities, in co-ordination with ISNA Representative, if any.

4. The Da’wa Coordinator shall:
A. Coordinate with MAYA representative who serving as a link between the ICT and MAYA National Director.

B. Be responsible for educational activities for men and women such as, but not limited to, weekly lesson, weekly newsletter, semi-annual MAYA camps, and MAYA annual convention.

C. Be responsible for Da’WA programs for men and women.

D. Follow up on new Muslims.

5. The Social Affairs Coordinator shall:
A. Be responsible for social activities among the community such as picnics, wedding parties and helping the needy people.

B. Attend to the well being of the needy Muslims.

6. The Public Relations Coordinator shall:

A. Be the spokesman of the ICT with media and the official authorities.
B. Be responsible for media watching.
C. Coordinate with the Islamic organizations such as CAIR and American Muslim Counsel (AMC).
D. Interact with non-Muslim organizations such as city council, churches, .etc.

7. The Education and Youth Coordinator shall:
A. Be responsible for the weekend educational programs.
B. Be responsible for the youth programs such as but not limited to field trips, camps, games and sports activities.
C. Coordinate with Islamic Scout of America.

8. The Maintenance and Cemetery Coordinator shall:
A. Be responsible for the maintenance of ICT properties, i.e. cleaning, painting, sanitation, issuance of parking permits, … etc.
B. Be responsible for maintaining, landscaping, and preparing the burial site. C. Arrange for Ghusl, Kafan (shroud) of the deceased with the local mortuary.

9. The Prison Program Coordinator shall:
A. Meet the requirement of the State and Federal authorities. Past experience in the Program is highly recommended.
B. Execute the Program contract between the ICT and the contracted authorities.
C. Be responsible for recruiting enough personnel to run the program efficiently including the preparation of time sheets for the Treasurer in order to compensate the members.
D. Prepare and maintain a standard curriculum of Islamic education to be taught to the inmates.


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