Powerful Nasheed About Syria

Translation Compiled by TMC Page Member

Oh Syria do not bow down. I will not be humiliated or disgraced.

Keep your forehead up high, befitting your towering status. I ransom you with my life, tell them I am not a rebellion, I’m just a peaceful demonstrator.

I carry nothing in my hand except slogans condemning the degradation of my people. Gracious city of Homs here is my love, take shield in me from the bullets of the criminals. I don’t care who is responsible for killing me, it is enough that you were the eyewitness.

The echo of freedom shouting was so high in Aleppo, for sure my people’s stolen rights will return. The birth of a dream comes nearer every day, when time will fold the page of sorrow. My homeland, you are innocent from all types of turmoil, it is but a revolution inspired by the conscious of our Land, it is ours and history will remember who sacrificed and who fulfilled and who betrayed the covenant.


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