Khutbah Recap – July 1st 2011

By Amer Taleb

Note: The English text of the khutbah was shown on the wall next to the minbar via projector during the Arabic portion. The usual verbal translation was still used as well.

– Topic was about the obligations of Zakat.

– Those who abandon the practice of Zakat will be punished severely in the hereafter.

– Zakat is the practice of those who are thankful to Allah.

– It’s a very despicable thing to do to sit back and watch the poor struggle if Allah’s put you in a position to do more.

– There are 8 categories of people who are eligible for Zakat. And many, if not all of those categories, are present within our community.

– Remember, Allah can swap the position of the rich with the poor any time he wishes.


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