Enhancing ICT Hearing

By Ez-Adeen Naji

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

We know full well the importance of attending Jummah prayer and listening to the Imam give the khutba (speech).

It’s a sad case when so many of our brothers and sisters encounter an ocean of unnecessary difficulties just to understand the khutba. Not because of something they did or didn’t do, but because the quality of sound in the Masjid could use some major help, particularly the sisters’ section and the new expansion area. Sheikh Watheq and I tried to adjust/fix the issues with the sound system several times over the past two weeks, but that’s not enough.

To anyone affected by this problem: I need your help. Please, contact either myself at ezadeen@ymail.com or Br. Sa’ad in the ICT office if there’s an issue with what you’re hearing. It’s crucial that we’re informed with the details.

Is the sound audible?  Understandable? Can you hear the speech but with faint static noises? Is there a problem with both the Arabic and English portions of the khutba, or just the one of them? Together, we can work on improving and making the full Jummah experience more enjoyable and beneficial to everyone, whatever side of the Masjid you sit on. And you’ll play a big part in that happening Insha’a Allah. In fact without your help, nothing will get fixed, at least not to the level that it could with your assistance. We need all of your support, du’a and please; help us help you.


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