Pole Collapses Near Mosque

By Amer Taleb

A truck crashed into a pole at 12:33 P.M. on the 900 block of east 1st street, said Bilal El-Aloosy, accident witness who called the police.

“I was going to the Mosque to pray and then ‘Boom!’ I saw the guy go through the pole.”

The “16 or 17” year old truck driver was confused by the hesitant signals of the car in front of him, which led to his erratic turn into the pole, El-Aloosy said.

Tucson Police responded to the call and there didn’t seem to be any serious injuries, said Matt Ronstandt, Sergeant in the public information office.

“The pole is wood and it’s old. It broke right away and it turned toward the street. The wires from the top are keeping it hanging,” El-Aloosy said. He added that the police arrived within three minutes, closed off the accident site and cleared people off the streets.

Ronstandt said Tucson Electric Power were on scene to fix the pole by 1:00.

Photos Courtesy of Bilal El-Aloosy and Amer Taleb


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