The Rainbow: A Not So Scary Kids Story Part 1/4

By Khadija and Karboot Didan

It was a rainy day, Mishou and Didi were sitting at the window looking at the horizon. “Hey look Didi, you see that Rainbow? You know I wish I can touch it.” said Didi. “Let’s go Mishou” she replied, and off they went.

They walked for a while and there it was, the Rainbow, with all of its splendor and perfect colors. “You know I wish I can go in and see what’s inside,” said Mishou.  Squeak, screech and a little door opened at the base of the Rainbow. “Come in Come in” a girl’s voice offered.  Mishou bolted right in hand in hand with his sister “Wait!” she shouted, but it was already too late.

Wow! It was dark inside and the door is no more.  “What is going on!?” they both exclaimed. Then voices coming from all directions cried “Help us please, help us.” Didi started crying and Mishou comforted her. “It is OK Didi, maybe I’ll find a switch somewhere.”  It felt like a long corridor, pitch dark, and the voices did not stop. “What are we going to do Mishou?” asked Didi.

They kept walking straight, scared, and tiptoeing so they wouldn’t step into something.  All of a sudden something grabbed them and yanked them towards what seemed to be like a side door.  To be continued…


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