The Rainbow: A Not So Scary Kids Story Episode 3/4

By Khadija and Karboot Didan

Previously, Didi and Mishou, driven by curiosity, travelled and got lost inside of a Rainbow. Scared and not knowing what to do, ‘something’ pulled them inside a room.  It was an old man, himself trapped inside this rainbow long ago, but now he knows all of its secrets and wants to help them.

“You have to trust me and do what I say if you wish to get out of here,” the old man said.  “You’ll have to trick the candy monster.  You see, he lures children, steals their candies, and gives them old ones from the rainbow.  If they eat his candies they turn into potato heads, most kids do,” the old man warned. “Only candies from a loving Grandma can stop his evil,” he said.

Mishou whispered excitingly, “I got some of those! My father brought them from El-Jerid, my Grandma, rubbi yar hamha, gave them to him, and he in turn gave them to…to…to.”

“Wait a minute!!” Didi shouted. “That was mine, and Baba gave them to me.”  Embarrassed, Mishou replied “well, I still have them you know and you can have them back if you like.”  “Of course I want them back,” she scolded.

“Great” said the old man.  “Here is what you’ll have to do then: Make your way to the last room, you’ll find the monster there, and he’ll want your candies.  The monster will offer some candies back, do not eat from them.  He will use yours to plug holes in the rainbow. You’ll have to watch where exactly he uses your candies.  Remember the exact spot; you have to, that’s where you’ll leave from…” To be continued.


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