The Rainbow: A Not So Scary Kids Story Episode 2/4

By Khadija and Karboot Didan

 In Episode 1, Didi and Mishou were driven by curiosity, travelled and got lost inside a Rainbow…

…All of a sudden, something grabbed them and yanked them towards what seemed to be a side door.  While trying to muster a scream the “thing” spoke to them with a hoarse voice “Don’t. Please don’t scream, I’m here to help you.”  A faint candle was lit and they were able to make out the face of a white bearded old man.

They could also make out the ceiling and walls, all made up of candies. The most colorful and tempting candies they ever laid eyes on. “Don’t!” whispered the old man. “You’ll never leave this place if you do!

“Who are you?” Didi and Mishou, asked.  “I’m here to help, please listen to what I have to say,” the old man said. “Many kids, like you, have ventured inside this Rainbow. Some were turned into potato heads and lost inside forever, some I’ve helped save. The candy monster tried to turn me into a potato head, many years back when I also ventured in, but he failed. Since then, I learned the secrets of this place and decided not to leave and instead help the children escape.  You have to trust me and do what I say if you wish to get out of here.”  To be continued….


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