Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Compiled By Sh. Watheq AlObaidi, Sa’ad Ansari, Ammar Sahli

As we entered California’s green windmill laden fields, I hoped that this year’s Reviving the Islamic Spirit conference would yield us fresh sources of energy as well.

And that it did. The lectures were beneficial, ranging from Sh. Ibn Adam discussing the vitality of halal financial dealings (how can you spiritually develop when your income is haram?), to Sh. Webb stressing the importance and sunnah of speaking to people at their level and in their context (did our children ever understand that “the Quran is the wings you need to soar above the darkness of our world?”), to Prof. Jackson, who wisely observed that race relations must be deeply understood, lest we allow the American narrative, predominantly told through the language of skin color, jump over our unaware multi-ethnic heads, and that we need to end debating whether we should vote, and begin discussing how we can unite to make our collective Muslim-American voice worth paying attention to in this new nation of ours.

However, it was not in the lectures that I found most of the energy, but in the young Muslim men and women who attended the event. A famous American poet once said that the way a Muslim walked in 1913 Tangiers made him understand how Islam’s winds spread from China to Spain in but a hundred years. The dignity and sheer power of attraction commanded by a deeply rooted, actualized Muslim, visible in even a step. Contemplating that, and observing how youth travel in droves for a bit of knowledge, I optimistically pray that, Insha Allah, in our youth’s footsteps stirs the breeze that will power our community very soon. Amin.


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