Religious Centers Discuss Their Faiths

By Amer Taleb

On Saturday May 14th, Vineyard City Church paid a visit to the Islamic Center of Tucson for an interfaith discussion on Islam and Christianity. “This is a dialogue of two philosophies, not a clash of two peoples. We find it very beneficial when we discuss the deeper questions of our faith,” said Sa’ad Ansari, the ICT consultant who moderated the event.

After starting off with a prayer, Brother Jason, who represented Vineyard City Church, told the crowd that he considered “it a miracle when people of varying faiths are able to sit in the same room…. May God allow us to have a listening ear.”

He and Watheq Al-Obaidi, the Sheikh of the ICT, took turns discussing their religions and answering questions from the crowd. Al-Obaidi’s Arabic portion was translated into English for the audience.

“Jesus told us that the highest level of happiness is when you bring joy to the people.” Al-Obaidi said. “Our love of God is enough to bring us together under His banner. If someone isn’t your brother or sister in religion, they still are in humanity.”

Nearly 40 people attended the event.


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