Play n Learn: First in the Series

By Irfan Sheikh

Activity #1

Concept of the Unseen God


Things you need
  1. One or more magnets
  2. Small metal objects


How do you perform
  1. Let children play with magnets for few minutes
  2. Ask them to put two magnets together and try to separate them
  3. Ask them to use a magnet to pull one or more small metal objects placed on a paper or card. Let them move around the object on the paper/ card by moving magnet below the paper/ card


Ask questions
  1. Do you see the ‘force’ that acts on metal objects?
  2. Can you feel that force if you place your hand between magnet and metal objects?


  1. There are forces that are real and they work, but we do not see them.
  2. Though we do not see those forces, we do see the result of their actions
  3. Allah is unseen but we do see Allah’s presence by reading and understanding what Allah said in the Quran and how we find that to be true.



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