Light of Knowledge

By Amal Alfatesh

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim.

Surat Al Noor- “Allah guides to his light whom he wills” (24:35)

The concept of summer varies depending on your circumstances. Be it a time for family gatherings, getting a job, or rigorous long-hour summer classes. Whatever the case, we become invested into things that keep us busy or entertained in some way. I started off this summer actively and productively involved in welcoming new Muslim sisters coming into Islam, understanding the amount of responsibility it has.

I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me, as I was very interested in refreshing and obtaining a better and rooted understanding of Islamic Studies and its history. Even when we think we know the most, we can always know more, and even when we think we are at our best; that is the time to become better. Throughout the Quran, we are reminded that Allah guides his light to whom he wills, and I strongly feel that I was guided to helping these amazing new sisters as well as continuing and strengthening my knowledge of Islam.

Those who Allah guides are chosen by him and cannot be misguided. Allah has presented me with so many amazing people via a short period of time, not realizing it was all for a reason and gain. Reason being, I would learn what I was supposed to from each of them, and took on the challenge of really looking deep into what it was Allah had wanted me to learn. Everyone can improve themselves if they really have the intention of doing so. It only becomes easier if you believe in a positive outcome and net-result.

Instead of making a routine out of watching your favorite show every day at the same time, or talking on the phone every night, make it a habit to recite one or two verses from the Quran or read and understand one Hadith a day. Instead of playing screechingly-loud music in your car, play and listen (really listen) to the words of Allah. Valuable as it is, the Quran is Allah’s words brought down directly from him. Coming in hand with that is Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) actions and words.

A good deed will wipe out its opposite; a simple Salaam will create a strong foundation to start a conversation. We surpass the fact that the world shines with Allah’s light and the ones that are worthy will be lucky enough to mirror that light among the rest of us. The first step is to fully be faithful to Allah and his messenger, as well as his words. Secondly, don’t be afraid to begin to find and realize where you stand, if you walk to Allah, he runs to you. It’s never too late to surrender your heart fully to him as he knows what you are thinking before you even think it. So in order to benefit from his medicine, we should believe in what he has ordained upon us and abstain from what he has forbidden. So far, this has taught me in so many ways to be patient and accept everything that has and will come my way and rightfully handling any situation in a well-mannered setting. I am thankful for the positive experiences and transition that I’ve had so far, it really has enhanced my vision as to what is important.

You’ve been blessed with precious time to educate yourself. It’s time to develop and grow yourself that you may be able to please the Almighty with your presence. Islam is an ongoing source of knowledge. It is not only a religion; but a way of life, obedience to oneself and to each other to pleasing and trusting the one Creator, because it wouldn’t be faith if you could see it.

This is something I hold to the root of my heart because it is the closest place I can think of for Allah to be. Where is he to you?

“He who displeases Allah to seek the pleasure of people, Allah will be displeased with him & will also make those people displeased with him… And he who pleases Allah even if it may displease people, Allah will be pleased with him & will make his speech & acts in the eyes of others beautiful.” [Tibrani]


One thought on “Light of Knowledge

  1. Excellent article and nasiha mashAllah about the most precious commodity of our lives, TIME. I pray that we all take heed of it. I also hope that this will encourage other hidden young talents to start sharing their gifts with the rest of us inshAllah. Jazakum Allahu Khairan.

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