Eliminate Tribulations with Communication

By Mohamed Ali

As a general rule, explaining the reasons for the things that you do will make the folks you deal with much more tolerant and accepting of you.

Consider calling the Adhan to a neighborhood that knows nothing about Islam; they probably won’t like you at first. In fact, they’ll probably try to silence you permanently.  However, if the people you are annoying really understood what you were saying and why you’re saying it:  they’ll become more lenient, accepting and eventually welcoming of you. Through verbal communication, people can accurately examine and gauge the intentions of your behavior. One of the most essential elements of having good Muslim character is using tones, dictions, and words that enhance the communication between you and your listener (s).

The Prophet (PBUH) Said “Allah blesses the man who is trouble-free when he buys, sells, or receives debt”(1). This motivation from our Prophet (PBUH) encourages us to maintain easiness and friendliness in our relationships with others. The values of good character in Islam are the keys which can lead the face of any generation, but the demand remains the same: a need for people who will actually implement these values.

Nevertheless, there are two parts to augment your communication skills. Along with acting in a kind manner, the ability to listen to the other person(s) is equally important.

If you listen to people respectfully with you’re undivided attention, the probability that they will return the favor goes through the roof. And even if you do not obtain the same treatment, remember that you are doing this for the sake of Allah; so be patient.

Tribulations of communications can be found throughout our Mosque and even in the Chase bank parking lot.. There are grumbles almost every Friday during and after the “Jummah” prayer, which unfortunately shapes the facade of our community. Implementing the teachings of Islam regarding communication values can definitely help us take care of this problem as a community, and the Prophet (PBUH) said “Who is the most favored of God? He from whom the greatest good cometh to His creatures”(2). The way you grip or control the relationship between you and the people, eventually reflects the one between you and your creator.

In conclusion, it’s a momentous thing to be able to explain your behavior in order for people to treat you with tolerance and understanding. On the other hand, good listening skills are important as well so that you can return the favor to your listener (s). The Prophet (PBUH) use to carefully ask his audience during the conversation “Are you finished” which is an elevated level of listening performance instead of interrupting the people in the middle of talk. Therefore, it is clear that the tolerance resulting from good communication does not only improve the face of our community, but also it enhances the relationship with the people in your personal life.


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