A Concern

By Ameenah Alansary

Hearing impairment is a problem we don’t often think about. It affects everyone from the person with damaged hearing to those they attempt to communicate with. It’s a sad situation, but what can we do?

I don’t know if anyone’s ever thought or even knew about it but in this community, we have that problem. People with hearing impairment come to Jummah or other gatherings to listen and learn the good news of Allah. Or, maybe these hard-of-hearing community members decide to drop out of our social gatherings altogether. And in the process, do not take advantage of personal growth opportunities simply because they cannot hear the speaker.

These people may already have a hearing aid, but that’s not always enough. Paying a visit to the audiologist may not fix your problems either. Don’t forget, they’re a business and sometimes all they want to do is empty your wallet. You should have beforehand knowledge of the situation you’re walking into it.

If you have problems with answering phones or calling, you need a phone with a caption, which you can get for FREE. The Masjid could use something like that as well if the administration thinks it’s worthwhile to have for our Brothers and Sisters who suffer from hearing loss.

I can help! How? There is an organization that gives information, demonstrates their products and has peer support groups that relate, share, and give advice.

* Contact the Editor at tucsonminaret@gmail.com if you’d like to get in contact with Ms. Alansary


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